Grandview is a Canadian-based importer and wholesaler of high-end desk lamps, floor lamps, lampshades and accessories. Grandview’s lamps are manufactured in China’s professional lighting factory. Grandview has significant presence in the US with showrooms and show booths at major trading markets in Atlanta,Dallas ,High point and New York.   

Grandview’s company headquarters Shanghai Grandview Construction Decoration CO.,Ltd was founded in 2010 in Shanghai of China.Lighting is one of the core operation of the company.After extensive consumer and market research, it has become one of the major lighting and lampshade companies in the Canadian home market, focusing on process design and high-quality products. Grandview provides excellent value to our customers at affordable prices. Our global supply chain and advanced technology support us to provide customers with a high quality shopping experience.  

Grandview provides high-quality customer service through its own strong sales team, customer support centers and experienced sales representatives, who can provide personalized support. As an entity operating company focusing on lamps and lanterns, the company aims to enable customers to purchase products directly in our direct stores or through the Internet. We are committed to product innovation and customer experience, strengthen investment in future lamps and lanterns with more artistic value.